Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wow I almost forgot my blog email LoL.. (LIFE SONGS)

    One song which, I really love and I have had so many memories with is Black Eyed Peas song - Do it Like This, because this song is the one that me and my friends would always dance to and make up the dumbest dance moves. We made like 3 music videos just fooling around on this song it is really a song that brings back memories. The lyrics also have meaning because they say "I bet you can't do it like this" which, is showing to me how everyone has their unique ways of expressing themselves whether it be through dance or writing. This song really motivates me to keep dancing because it is one that has had a large impact on me.
   Another song which, means a lot to me is called Su Veneno by Aventura, this song is meaningful because the lyrics of it really do connect to past experiences I have had. Su Veneno stand for "It's poison" or in the song it is referring to "her poison". This song relates to me because I have had many female friends that have backstabbed me but  then later come back to me and try to apologize. The song says how she has a sweet deadly poison which, is difficult to escape from and it feels like my future is in her hands because of her ways. This really relates to me because I have had many life-changing experiences through female friends like that. I also think however, that this song is really relaxing and this song was a song which, I danced to in my high school for a performance. This song also brings me back many memories and is a song which, really has deep meaning for me.
   And lastly a third song that has a strong meaning for me is called Antes by Obie Bermudez, although, it may be a depressing song. Antes stands for "Before" this song is about losing a loved one and missing the old times and not wanting to forget about the person. It's about how it is difficult to lose someone and not want to forget them and really miss the old times with them. This is meaningful for me because I have lots some of the bestest people but, life happens and you have to learn to move on. Although, this song is depressing it still helps relax my mind and I really do enjoy this song. Latin Pop is my favorite type of music overall besides music that I enjoy dancing too.