Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

     In chapter 6 of this novel Jon Ronsen visits ex-CEO Al Dunlap in Shubuta to see what psychopathic traits the man possesses. Al Dunlap was known for being "heartless" because he seemed to make joy out of firing people from their jobs. When Ronson first arrived to Dunlap's place he found it interesting how Dunlap had many giant stone statues of lions, eagles and different types of predators. Ronson asked Dunlap a variety of questions to see how many of the psychopath traits he possessed. Ronson later on tells him head on that he's asking Dunlap many of these questions to test whether or not he is a psychopath unaware of how Dunlap will react. Dunlap starts laughing and decides to allow Ronson to ask him as many questions as he likes to test how psychopathic like he is and he also makes many statements saying how many of the traits such as "lack of empathy" help make a stronger leader. Dunlap also seems to admit to having a lack of empathy, but later on when Ronson discusses his talk to Dunlap with Bob Hare he talks about how Dunlap cried when his dog died. Bob counters this saying that dog is property and psychopaths feel empathy for objects occasionally but not people

    I found these two chapters really interesting in the way Jon Ronson makes many analogies. I found it funny how Ronson made an analogy between the Stone statues that Dunlap had in his area to Narnia in that if the Queen of Narnia came she would have turned them into stone and would have looked exactly the same. I also found it funny how Ronson had like moments like on page 148 where he was like "Oh REALLY?" as if he was having like a very powered state of mind. I also find it a little odd how Dunlap allows Ronson to do the psychopath test on him without like kicking him out of his household. These two chapters were really interesting to me.

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