Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do People Rely on Technology Too Much?

    I chose this question because we seem to use technology everyday in our lives. Whether it be for heating up a meal in a microwave or using a laptop to do homework online and what if, we did not have all the advanced technologies we have today. I think I would start looking for answers related to this everywhere on the internet, around the dorms I live in, and by the streets we pass by because technology is used in everything nowadays. Possible answers would be yes, we do rely on technology too much because if we did not have lots of the technology we have today, we would not be as advanced as we are, in regards to research and would not be able to identify many problems in our society or environment as easily. Subquestions that might pop up would be should society be learning more ways to restrict the use of technologies on certain things and be having more back-ups incase technology does not seem to be effective one day? Also is technology abused? Possible problems that I may have with answering this question would possibly be identifying credible sources which correlate to the research topic.

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