Monday, October 31, 2011

Gladwell on Plagiarism

      Gladwell's article on "Something Borrowed" examines the problems associated with plagiarism. Gladwell describes how plagiarism is used throughout the music industry and how it sometimes is not even considered plagiarism because there are only so many tunes you can create with instruments and devices that you will eventually run out of "original" tunes. So similiar tunes are often heard in different songs. Gladwell writes how he was shocked to have his own words used in plays that were in Broadway such as "Frozen" and some quotes were taken directly word by word. Gladwell discusses there is a point which can eventually be reached when you learn that the work you are writing is not your work but the work of another just reworded. Gladwell has many odd ways of characterizing what he considers plagiarism and what he does not such as how he considers twisting the music tunes of artists into a song "art" instead of plagiarism.

      I found this article really interesting in the way Gladwell incorporated music into plagiarism. This article confused me a lot too I felt like it was asking too many questions, but I think I still understood it fairly well. I also find myself questioning whether some of the things I do are plagiarism now for examples dancing it is almost impossible to find a dance move that has not been performed or done in some way before so is it like if I am plagiarizing someones dance or is it as Gladwell put it for music am I doing just mixing the moves and making some form of art. Oh and this is not relevant to Gladwell, but I just noticed how in the main blog you put that it says "Shirts" for the other class and "Skins" for our class, which is funny.

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