Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ch. 8 and Ch. 9

   In chapter 8 Ronson writes about Charlotte Scott who was someone who broadcasted people on television about various issues, specifically interesting ones like ones with psychological problems. Rachel who was a female who survived a terrorist attack on a carriage if I'm not mistaking. Rachel then starts posting blogs about what happened to her. Rachel is met with a lot of negative feedback, many people accused her of being a fake and just being one of those counterintelligence agents. Rachel is fed up with it and gets really frustrated because everyone thinks that it was just a power surge, while she knows that it was a terrorist attack. Ronson meets with Rachel because someone commented on a article he wrote accusing him of lying and being another "Rachel North" and he had no clue who she was or anything about her, so he wanted to know more. Ronson later on meets up with David Shayler who was a covert agent in M15 who was part of an assasination attempt on Gadhafi. David argues with Ronson that what Rachel says is wrong that it really was not a terrorist attack but it was a racist remark towards muslims being terrorists. Later on Ronson gets upset and tells David to "fuck off" and Ronson becomes nervous because the interview is broadcasted on the radio and he feels lots of anxiety because he thought he would become the next Rachel. After it was broadcasted Ronson was met with lots of positive feedback for using rational thinking, which got him over his anxiety. David has lots of weird moments such as when he thinks he is the Messiah, talks about 9/11 holograms and about July 7. Charlotte Scott wanted to interview interesting people but didnt want to interview people "too" psychopathic.
   I found these two chapters really interesting and confusing at the same time. I found it interesting how in chapter 8 David Shayler makes a lot of analogies to the play "Waiting for Godot". This play I read before and it shows how two men continuously wait for "Godot"  to come and David uses it to explain how people wait for things that never come. The book also in reviews has been argued to be like it should be called "Waiting for God" and I find this interesting because of the way David acts like he is a "Messiah" at one point. However, this really confused me because I was confused with who was telling whos story because Charlotte I think was telling the story about Rachel and David the whole time. However, very interesting chapters overall!

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